• S2C Like a Miracle4:41

Composed & Performed by John Erlandson

  • Outside Summertime Easy4:48

  • We once knew4:04

Band Bios

  • Don't Give Up s2c4:38

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Kyle Wilson
"Detroit Rock City", "Toys In The Attic", "We Will Rock You"..these were the first introductions to Kyle's rock n' roll education as a young wiffle ball bat wielding air guitar master. Once his friend suggested that Kyle join his junior high school rock band as a bass player it was the beginning a roller coaster ride that has led to playing in countless bands in both New York and then Los Angeles before eventually finding a city and a band to call home here in Evergreen CO. Through it all Kyle has proclaimed to have stayed true to his love of rock music and can occasionally be heard plugging his guitar or bass in at ridiculously high volumes when no one is around. Please send donations for Kyle's future need for a hearing aid to him directly. Drop the mic, I am out!

Lisa Delia
Lisa's love of harmony began in junior high school in Pascagoula, Mississippi. She was placed in the alto section in choir class. From then on, she would harmonize with every song on the radio, every hum in the elevator, every frequency that came her way. A self-proclaimed "harmony whore", she caught the ear of John Erlandson a few years ago, and the rest is history. Although she has recorded for other people, this band is her favorite. She's having a blast and is realizing a dream that started way back in junior high.  Her original “Ya Gotta Be Down For The Blues”, is an amazing display or her songwriting and vocal talents.

Warren Rose
Warren, like many impressionable children of his day, was forever changed by the music of The Beatles.  While others wanted to follow in the footsteps of Paul, John or George, Warren watching Ringo, knew right away that he wanted to be a drummer.  It all started in Middle School with playing in the band, signing in choir at church and all the while drumming away in his room, much to his parents chagrin.  Music remained a source of joy throughout High School and he even sold his first car to buy a better drum kit.  Later he joined a band that recorded three albums. Because of the death of several good friends and musicians, Warren left the music scene behind, in favor of concentrating on entering the adult world.  Years later, he’s happy to once again share the stage with great musicians and even better friends.

John McKenna
John was traveling across America as a young man in 1982 when his van broke down, forcing him to establish a residence in Evergreen. He is a singer-songwriter, music producer and won Billboard magazine songwriters competition in 1997. He has releases seven CDs of his own original music and have helped many artists find their voice in his recording studio. He is a public speaker and has created a seminar on how to be happier. He speaks professionally and leads a personal development workshop every month. He is also a black belt and has his own martial arts school in Evergreen, Colorado.

John Erlandson
John’s Minnesota upbringing had him singing and playing guitar at age 15 in youth camps and church services. Before long, he would be writing “spiritual songs,” teaching, and leading worship bands in Minneapolis churches. But, not satisfied with merely “preaching to the choir,” he moved to Colorado and soon took his music, lyrical lucidity and melodic magic into the mainstream. In ’95, after attending the heralded Song School in Lyons, CO, John began writing songs to play in coffeehouses, bars and even right out in the street. Initiating the “street music” movement in Evergreen, CO led to regular gigs at the world-famous Little Bear Saloon where he collaborated with many of Denver’s finest musicians and opened for such national acts as The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and David Wilcox.

Richard Jacobs
Rich grew up in a musical home in Silver Spring, MD – the youngest of four.  His Mom and Dad were both singers when they met in a church choir in Washington, DC in 1961. Mom also played the piano, and Dad is still singing today at age 84!  Encouraged to follow the musical path of a number of Jacobs ancestors, Rich was tested for musical ability in the fifth grade and began playing trumpet. Trumpet led to an interest in synthesizers by the age of 18, and a developing interest in singing rock. A basement band ensued, and then a two-year run with a college rock band (named 911)- while attending West Virginia University in 1988. After college, Rich worked at Black Entertainment Television for five years, until making the big move to Boulder, Colorado in 1996.  Next up was a move to Conifer in 1998 - but by early 2000, Rich once again found himself singing and playing keyboards in a classic rock band known as The Lost Canyon Band (2000-2008).  The musical legacy continues on – with no intent to stop!  Rich now lives in Arvada and works as a Location Sound Recordist for Television, film and corporate productions.



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Live performances include covers (with our own twist) from Bob Dylan, Dan Fogelberg, The Lumineers, Ed Sheeran, Incubus, Santana, Michael Jackson, Doobie Brothers, R.E.M.,  Mark Knopfler, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), John Prine, Liz Longley, Little Big Town, Subdudes, Creedence Clearwater Revival and many, many more.

  • Your true nameW-14:20

  • Hey Friend-S2C3:34

Warren Rose & John McKenna

Original Songs by Members of Subject2Change

Thanks to Leianne Wilson (PhotoArtByLei.com) for the great shots.


Above L to R - Kyle Wilson, Warren Rose, Lisa Delia, John Erlandson,  Rich Jacobs & John McKenna