Next Public Performance:

Saturday // February 3
Boogie at the Barn
Subject2Change & Home Slice

5:30PM - 10PM

Four Boogie Tickets $60

Giving back...

is the only thing better than performing music for S2C.  The band has an unwavering sense of community and provides special financial consideration to non-profits and worthwhile events.  Their following also provides more attendees for area charitable causes.

One Boogie Ticket $15

S2C CD $15 + $2 shipping.

Good Times!

S2C Download Version $12 Coming Soon!!!

Two Boogie Tickets $30


is an ever evolving band of musical gypsies whose vision and passion is towards the positive vibe. Born of the good juju and philanthropic groove of Evergreen, Colorado, this collaboration of musicians lives for the gathering and offers an irresistible spirit of oneness that happens when melody meets rhythm and harmony. The selection is organic & eclectic in nature, and the sense is it’s all good…

The band...

is all about connecting with the audience.  Whether it's a listening concert or a dance party, S2C will provide an enjoyable mix of music and entertainment.  The atmosphere at each performance is upbeat, fun and creates an experience that attendees will not soon forget.



Positive Vibe!


Listen to Original Songs by Members of Subject2Change on the About S2C Page or click on the KUHS Radio Station Button.

Online Boogie ticket purchases at Will Call evening of the event.